How Did Strategy Become a 1-2-3 Process?

Why is it that many agencies talk about strategy…a digital strategy, a mobile strategy, a marketing strategy…but very little time is actually spent on strategy. Instead, the strategy is a boilerplate template of how things will be done…we will use Wordpress for the website, we’ll set you up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, we’ll set up Google Analytics, and write a blog two times a week. BAM. “Strategy” executed…which is not a strategy at all. It is a productized service.

Why is that? How did strategy become a 1-2-3 process? When did the marketing industry stop leading and become order-takers?

I have my reasons, but I am not exactly sure. I do know that it is hurting the credibility of the marketing industry and the customer is getting gypped.

This week, I want to explore this…having a strategy-first mindset, showing the value of strategy to the customer, and what really happens when we leave out strategy.

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