How Much Do You Value Customer Service?

Yesterday was a hot day. Not too hot, but hot enough to be miserable without working ac. Naturally, I called an AC company that I have used before. They came out when they said they would, they diagnosed the issue and fixed it without upselling or pointing out other “issues”. The technician was very professional and pleasant despite being in the heat all day and tired (we were his last customer for the day).

This morning, I am going to write a positive review on Yelp and Google for them. As a brand strategist, I understand the influence and power of reviews, so I encourage my clients to ask their customers to write reviews. Customers usually say yes and verbally commit to the request. I don’t have any statistics, but from client feedback, most do not follow through with the commitment. I am guessing it is because they forget or don’t have time…but here’s the thing…when a customer is treated badly or unprofessionally, they certainly don’t forget and find the time to let the world know that they have been wronged.

What if we make it a habit to compliment customer service online or in person on a regular basis? What if we take time to give a quick shout out on a social review site for good customer service? We find time to post our grievances, shouldn’t we even more find time to post when we have been treated right? If we don’t “find the time”, then I should question, do we really value their service? Does it really matter? If we truly value customer service, we will find the time.

Post a positive review today with details because it does matter. It matters to the business providing the service. It matters for the customer considering the business' service. It is easy to do and takes less time than you may think. Choose a review platform like Yelp, Google, or Facebook. Detail the experience. Call out the person by name who gave the great customer experience whether it is a waitress, gas station attendant, ac technician or bank teller. Your words have more persuasiveness than an email marketing campaign, website or direct mailer. Not only are you helping the place of business strengthen their brand reputation, you can walk away knowing you did a good thing today.

And for the record, if you live in the Northern Virginia area, call Pride AC and Heating if you need an ac/heating technician. They always treat me right and I trust them.

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