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Why Doesn’t Seth Godin Tell Me Exactly HOW to Be a Purple Cow?

I am currently reading Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow”. I am enjoying his book and I figured I would because I enjoy reading his blog. There are other authors that I enjoy as well as that are similar to Seth Godin’s style including Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz), Mitch Albom (Tuesday’s with Morrie) and Patrick Lencioni (The Five Dysfunctions of a Team). […]
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Jackson Pollock, Cats, and Beer

I am an eclectic person when it comes to the things I enjoy in life. With music, I may listen to the Battlefield 1 soundtrack from the Xbox One game or the metalcore band, August Burns Red. Another day, I might listen to Benny Goodman or to the Cats Broadway. When it comes to art, […]
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Why Marketing Leaders Should Read Fiction

My wife, Debra, and my oldest daughter work part-time at a used bookstore, Prospero’s, in Old Town Manassas. They love the conversations with customers about books, history and life. They also love giving recommendations when a customer is just browsing or interested in something different. Several weeks ago, my wife was ringing up a sale […]
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Don’t Be Afraid to Challenge Marketing Advice

I was talking with a business the other day about their social strategy. They mentioned that they were on Facebook and Twitter, but never used Twitter, so I asked why they are on Twitter. Their response was simply “because I was told that I should be on it because everyone else is”, but they could […]
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What is a Digital Strategy

The question is often asked – “what is digital strategy?”. There is an array of answers that include web design and development, social media, SEO and SEM, analytics and measurement, methodologies such as agile and waterfall, big data, and the list goes on. Many people focus on the end product so what happens is it gets funneled […]
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4 Mindsets that Will Derail Your User Experience

In the last couple of years, we have seen an explosion of multi-device usage, which has escalated the importance of user experience to the top. In that time, many blogs and articles have been written on the best practices and mistakes surrounding user experience. I, however, would like to touch on the mindsets that will […]